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November 1-4, 2022
Presented by Mimosa Mastermind

Every year, we have a central theme we build our events around. 

It ensures that you don’t get the same old experience, same old content, or see the same familiar faces you see at every industry event. 

At the Mimosa Mastermind Miami, enjoy a luxurious, customized and memorable event that you will remember for the rest of your life. 

This year, our theme for our annual event is “Vision of the Future,” and we will be fully focused for 4-days on making the vision you have in your mind, become your reality. 

At Vision of the Future, you time travel from your current reality to your “dream come true” future…a life of more impact, more wealth, and more freedom. 

Every single speaker, every single breakout room, every hot seat, and every Expert 1 on 1, is there to help you reach your goals for your business and your life, faster.
And we are going to have a hell of a good time doing it, too.

As with all Mimosa Masterminds, the Miami event is a customized experience for EACH MEMBER!
For 6 years we have been at the forefront of carefully facilitating the deep connections and relationships at our events that lead to ground breaking increases in revenue, profit and wealth for our members. 
This year, for the first time ever, we are going to spend 4-days at the most high-end venue in Miami…

…The 1 Hotel - a five-star resort on the beautiful white sand beaches of South Beach. 
Miami has boomed since the pandemic, attracting some of the brightest minds in the world with its beautiful beaches, attractive tax rates, and a large concentration of business owners, futurists, venture capitalists and crypto leaders.

We will be tapping into that exciting energy, and collapsing time with you, by helping you reach your vision faster. 

Mimosa Mastermind Miami 2022 will be the most exclusive and highly lucrative, event that you will attend all year.

We guarantee it. 

If you aren’t blown away by the quality of the attendees and experts by Day 2, we will give you a FULL refund. 

Not only that, but we will pay for your ticket back home. 

What other event has the confidence to offer you that? 


Why are we so confident in your ROI? 

Because our events are designed with you and your business in mind…a customized experience that no other mastermind will offer. 

This might be the FIRST TIME you will not feel like you are making BIG BUSINESS DECISIONS alone!

As soon as you buy your ticket, consider us your event business partner. 

First, we will take a deep dive into your business and learn what challenges you are facing. 

That will show us what experts you should be paired with, what attendees you need to meet, and what your customized event track will be. 

Every single member will have a totally different set of experts, breakouts, introductions…because we know that your challenges and opportunities are unique to you. 

Everyone is playing at a different level, with different challenges and opportunities, so everyone should have a personalized experience when they come to Mimosa Mastermind. 

Work 1-On-1 With Industry Leaders
Join us and spend time with business leaders who have a successful track record of building multiple 8 and 9-figure companies, not just the latest “guru” or wonder kid trending on social media.  

They are highly experienced, incredibly successful entrepreneurs who love giving back to the Mimosa Mastermind community because they see themselves in you. 

These experts are ready to tear down the veil and show you how to copy and paste exactly what they are doing so you can implement those strategies RIGHT NOW and grow!  

Event Customization Evolved
Get paired with the right peers, mentors, and investors who will help you build, grow, market and diversify your business at lightning speed. 

Enjoy curated sessions with high performance business owners and get focused time to implement what you are learning or enjoy the spacious time carved out for you to connect and expand your network. 

All of this will be set up for you based on your unique needs and requests…no more trying to get ROI on your own, or figuring out what sessions you need to go to. 

Your Own Personal Concierge

Part of your Mimosa Mastermind Experience is a concierge who will know everything about you and every other attendee.  

This is a new service we are offering to members in 2022—as we have seen a big need for this level of support both at our events, and in the mastermind industry itself. 

Your concierge will work with you, your team, hotel staff, and Mimosa event coordinator team to make sure that you get the most out of your experience with us. 
Your concierge is your go to person that will be working with you before, during and even after the event, for any of your needs. 

They’ll be your guide to where to go, how to connect, who to connect to (even break the ice for you), and everything else you need to make this your most profitable and effortless event ever. 
Each and every year we go bigger and better with the entertainment, get more luxurious with the resort, and more intentional with the curation of the group! It’s no wonder our members come back year after year!
NOVEMBER 1-4, 2022 * 
November 1, 2022
Experts and Sponsors Private Mixer
Day of the Dead Welcome Dinner

November 2, 2022
Opening Keynote Speaker
Vision Workshop
Traffic Panel
Expert 1-on-1s
Group Expert Tables
Mimosa Talent Show

November 3, 2022
Live Copy Review
Funnel Breakdowns
Breakout Rooms
Expert 1-on-1s
Closing Keynote Speaker
The Black and White Ball 

November 4, 2022
Full Networking & Connection Day
Podcast and Video Rooms open
Brunch at Jungle Beach Club
Grande Finale Immersion Experience
 Advanced issues found
*Agenda Subject to Change Without Notice
Our available spots are EXTREMELY LIMITED and will disappear SUPER FAST!
Are you ready to skyrocket your business with us as your partner in this important mission of elevating the mastermind game? 
Are you ready to pair with the industry leading experts to compress time and shave years off of your learning curve and rate of success?
Are you ready to join other like-minded businesses to become a leader in your niche?
Are you ready for MORE PROFIT, MORE REVENUE, MORE WEALTH, and MORE INFLUENCE than you could have ever imagined?
If the answer is "YES", grab your spot now before someone else takes your seat…
Remember: If you aren’t blown away by the quality of the attendees and experts by Day 2, we will give you a FULL refund and pay for your flight home. 
P.S. - If you are reading this, we haven’t sold out yet, so grab your ticket now. 
Once we’re sold out, we are sold out, and can’t fit anyone else in due to the advanced customization and attention to detail we provide for each attendee. 
P.P.S - Don’t guilt yourself out of investing in this experience. 
Stepping back from the battle occasionally to look at the entire battlefield is critical to growing a business and avoiding catastrophe.

Remember you are hanging out with the top marketers, experts and attendees in the space. 

Grab your spot now and join the 1%.
ATTN: Traffic & Conversion 2018 Attendees...
Attend The One Private Mastermind 
That Guarantees A Positive ROI
...Because Let's Be Honest, Why Sift Through A Room Of 6000 Marketers When You Can Attend An Exclusive Micro-Event That ONLY Allows The Cream Of The Crop
This is going to be worth every penny... But don't just take my word for it...
See The Massive Impact The Mimosa Mastermind Has Had On Hundreds Of It's Members Yourself...
Remember: If you aren’t blown away by the quality of the attendees and experts by Day 2, we will give you a FULL refund and pay for your flight home. 
ATTN: Traffic & Conversion 2018 Attendees...
Attend The One Private Mastermind 
That Guarantees A Positive ROI
...Because Let's Be Honest, Why Sift Through A Room Of 6000 Marketers When You Can Attend An Exclusive Micro-Event That ONLY Allows The Cream Of The Crop
MIAMI 2022
What is the Mimosa Mastermind Hotel Discounted Rate?
To ensure you get the best rates, we have negotiated a special group discount for all Mimosa family members. We will email you the custom booking link in the next week or two.
Will this be like every other mastermind? Same people? Same format?
Far from it! We've specifically designed the Mimosa Mastermind to be like no other Mastermind out there. From flying in world renowned experts to resolve longstanding problems in YOUR business to hand matching you with other entrepreneurs that'll make an immediate difference to your bottom line, this format will change how you look as masterminds forever.

When it comes to the attendees, we have gone to an even greater extent to curate a phenomenal lineup of top tier influencers. For anyone that claims “we already know all of the attendees, why should I pay to hang out with people I already know?" I say, you are one extremely well connected person and we should all definitely hang out sometime because we are bringing people in from all over the world that and there WILL be new faces you don’t know yet. I promise.

We've spent the last decade connecting with some of the best (and albeit worst) entrepreneurs in the industry and have taken pride in our ability to vet and bring together only the most elite. We only want the best and recruit only those that will bring the most value. We cannot guarantee that you won't see a familiar face or two at our events, but we can assure you that each Mimosa Mastermind attendee is an extreme expert in their own field and very likely will be your next biggest JV partner.
Can I bring a business partner or spouse? Do they have to pay full price too?
Of course you can bring a business partner or spouse! And no, they will not have to pay full price. One additional seat can be added at 50% off from the first ticket price on the checkout page. 

We want them to enjoy all the perks of the event but also at a price that makes the most sense based on their attendance. 
What's the full Vision of The Future Miami 2022 schedule?
Attendees will be emailed an agenda closer to the event with their customizations. To see the event schedule overview click the link below. 
Where is the venue?
Vision of the Future will be at the luxurious 5-star 1 Hotel South Beach. 

The ultimate escape with a retreat to sunny South Beach. Designed for comfort and inspired by the 600-feet of sandy white beaches and crisp Atlantic waters. The indoor meeting rooms are a blend of nature and state of the art technology coupled with several unique dining venues to sink your teeth into exquisite food and drinks.  

Here's the address and map layout so you can see how convenient it really is to find and locate this beautiful venue.

ADDRESS: 2341 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139
PHONE: (305) 604-1000

Note: Your room and stay is not included in your ticket price, however we have negotiated incredible rates you will not be able to find anywhere else. 
What airport should I fly into?
Miami International (MIA) is the best airport to fly into. The airport is approximately 30 minute drive away from the hotel. 
What should I bring?
Since you're going to be living the life at one of South Beach's finest hotels, you won't need to bring much. But here's what we recommend to make your event and stay the best yet:
  • ​Best note-taking device (computer preferred, wifi available)
  • ​Thumb drive (with the funnels & materials that you want to go over at the event) 
  • ​Casual attire (dress for comfort and warm weather) + attire for our themed dinner & events. Details in event preparations email. 
  • ​Sun glasses and/or a hat - we will take full advantage of multiple open air spaces. 
  • ​Bathing suit & sun screen. 
Remember: If you aren’t blown away by the quality of the attendees and experts by Day 2, we will give you a FULL refund and pay for your flight home. 
With extreme appreciation and gratitude to...
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