Mimosa Mastermind Returns for the 7th Straight Year to Help Business Owners Connect, Grow and Dramatically Increase the Revenue For Its Attendees With...
The HIGHEST ROI Invitation You'll Ever Receive - With A Twist... 
Ever felt like there MUST be a group of people out there that held all of the secrets to business success and profits that didn’t revolve around sitting in a bland ballroom while listening to “Gurus” drone on for hours?

IT EXISTS... and I'm inviting YOU!

Let Loose While You Mix, Mingle and Learn From 7, 8 and 9-Figure Business Owners Who Might Be a Perfect Fit to Promote You, Partner With You, Invest in You, or Simply Inspire Your Next Big Idea Without Feeling Forced or Pressured in a Stuffy Meeting Room.



Emceed by the Infamous Country Boy and T&C Co-Founder Perry Belcher and the Amazing High Class Amanda Dobson
Emceed by the Infamous Country Boy and T&C Co-Founder Perry Belcher and the Amazing High Class Amanda Dobson
Fellow outcast business owner,

I want to personally invite you to join the Mimosa Mastermind family for an action packed day of growth, connection, philanthropy and actionable insights with the top 1% of all businesses going to T&C.

WARNING: There will be no board rooms, no ego packed, stuck up “guru” speakers.

If that is what you are looking for, stop reading NOW.

If you're still reading along with me you’ve passed the first filter!

Now, if you want to make new friends, have fun and learn valuable business skills…read on my friend.

This is your ticket to bypassing all of the rushed and useless “networking” and get straight to the connections that move the revenue needle in your business.

You’ll meet REAL down to earth business owners who want to connect with others just like YOU.

So what’s the twist you ask?

Well…while most conferences want as many people as possible at their parties and events, with very little (if any) curation of the guest list...

I am daring to go in a very different direction.

This private group is not open to the public.

The fact that you are even seeing this invitation means that one of our current family members thinks you are worthy of attending.

Look, we won’t be hanging out in a ballroom or on a boat…

We’ll be in a private, hidden-gem, fresh-air venue, set up perfectly for a HoeDown.

Yes, a HoeDown!

You’ll be amazed at how the low key, low pressure environment helps you form deep connections that will generate new ideas to help you build, grow, market and expand YOUR business…

All while having fun listening to star-level singers and eating gourmet country barbeque!

This is where two worlds meet to form a luxurious HoeDown for 150 of your new (and existing) best business friends!

These Bonds Can Change the Way You Run Your Business Forever!
It’s gonna be top shelf everything…
Food, entertainment, information and PEOPLE.

Network With Some Of The Best In The Business

I don’t even like calling it “networking”, instead…

Break bread with many of the keynote speakers at T&C…in an intimate low key setting with a hand-selected group of other high growth entrepreneurs.
Some of these speakers get paid thousands of dollars to speak, consult and teach but they are here because they want to meet YOU too!

YOU Could be Another Attendees BIG TAKEAWAY...

Now, the business lessons alone are worth your time, but the one-on-one conversations and connections made at our events have been worth MILLIONS...

The Food Will Be NEXT Level Too...
Enjoy premium food and drink designed by a top celebrity chef in LA…

Think juicy Nashville chicken with a bump of caviar for explosive salty and savory combinations.

Bold, saucy BBQ ribs that will have you coming back for seconds...

Custom cocktails, top shelf liquor, and the best imported and craft beers...

and of course, accomodations for our dairy free, gluten free, non-alcoholic drinks and vegetarian friends. Everyone will be well fed and well hydrated! 
Need I say more? 
The Quality and Caliber of EVERY Attendee
Puts Other Events To Shame
You’ll be able to connect with your current friends but I encourage you to make new ones too!

Remember, the ENTIRE guest list is hand curated, so not a single person in the room will turn their nose up at making a new buddy.

I’ll make it fun and easy for those of you who are a bit shy by hosting games of giant jenga, corn hole and beer pong (it is a hoe down after all!).

If/when you’re ready for a real business deal conversation, move over and hang out in the private lounge for more intimate conversations.
How to know if you’re eligible to be in the room
I serve founders and high level team members of 7, 8, and 9-figure companies.

Our mimosa members have e-commerce, direct response, and internet marketing businesses (or serve these types of companies), and they’re looking for a peer group of like minded people that they can trust, and grow with.

I have both a “no bullshit” and a “no cliques” policy.

That means don’t hard pitch, don’t be a scammer, and most of all, be a good person, or get kicked out.

I promise you that you won’t be invited back if you violate those policies.

That also means that I don’t have cliques in our group and making valuable connections is easy peezy, even if you haven’t been around other humans in 2 years…

Everyone is on the same level as everyone else – you are important to me whether you are new to the group or you are back for the 6th year in a row!.

If you’re seeing this page, that means that I feel you have the background, experience, and business success to not only benefit from this business hoe down but to greatly accelerate the growth of other members.

Now, Who Are The Infotainers?
I’m committed to keeping stuck up “Gurus” OUT of the room and OFF the stage…

Which is why I’m asking these special “infotainers” to share some wisdom…

Mimosa Mastermind Attendees will surely benefit from our knowlegeable emcee, Perry Belcher.

Perry to date, has recorded some $1 Billion Dollars dollars in direct online sales for his companies and has advised his clients to sell billions more. Co-Founded Digital Marketer, Traffic &Conversion Summit America’s largest marketing event and the now infamous Warroom Mastermind.

He then went on to found the B to C Native Commerce Media company that achieved coveted INC 500 status 2 years in a row as one of America's
fastest-growing companies. 

In addition, Perry has founded or co-founded 11 companies 7 of which
have resulted in seven and eight-figure exits. He is known as a master copywriter, storyteller, media strategist, and inbound marketing expert.

Always approachable and willing to help his peers Perry is known as the “regular guy” legend in the industry.

Perry will be joined by none other than the amazing Amanda Dobson of Olympus Peak Media. 

Amanda, who is considered to be the “King Maker” of many of the top internet marketing and financial experts in the world due to her ability to BLOW UP personality driven businesses.

Amanda is many things…co-founder of one of the largest media companies in the industry, Agora’s secret CRO weapon, and one of the most sought after keynotes in marketing.

You might have seen her dazzling on stage at Traffic and Conversion, Ad World, or Affiliate Summit.

Amanda and Perry are not only brilliant marketers, they are outrageously funny (and a little wild)...sit back and enjoy the fireworks between them.

I promise you, this will be a dynamic duo you will NOT forget.  
What Is This Level Of Atmosphere Worth To You And Your Business?
By now I know you can see the potential in these connections. 

You can’t put a price on that, especially if you are an implementer…

You’ll be able to ROI this event before you even leave San Diego.

So what is that worth to you?

$10,000 - $5,000 - $3,000?

Just one connection here could be (and has been) worth millions…

Note: We are capped at 150 people, and we have sold out EVERY SINGLE YEAR for the last 6 years.

We WILL sell out for the 7th year in a row…

So, are you a REAL player, or playing business?

We’re about to find out…

(Remember There Are Only 150 Available Spots)
This is going to be worth every penny... But don't just take my word for it...
See The Massive Impact The Mimosa Mastermind Has Had On Hundreds Of It's  Members Yourself...
(Remember There Are Only 150 Available Spots)
MONDAY - SEPTEMBER 26, 2022 * 
10:00 - 11:00am: VIP Meet & Mingle

11:00-12:30pm: Workshop 

12:30-1:00pm: Hot Seats 

1:00-2:30pm: Lunch

2:30-3:15pm: Killer Keynote Speaker

3:15-3:30pm: Break

3:30-4:30pm: Speed Networking

4:30-6:00pm: Hangout, Jenga, Beer Pong, etc

6:00-7:00pm: Country Music Superstar closes out the night 

 Advanced issues found
*Agenda Subject to Change Without Notice
With extreme appreciation and gratitude to...
(Remember There Are Only 150 Available Spots)
ATTN: Traffic & Conversion 2018 Attendees...
Attend The One Private Mastermind 
That Guarantees A Positive ROI
...Because Let's Be Honest, Why Sift Through A Room Of 6000 Marketers When You Can Attend An Exclusive Micro-Event That ONLY Allows The Cream Of The Crop
P.S. - If you are reading this, we haven’t sold out yet, so grab your ticket now. 
Once we’re sold out, we are sold out, and can’t fit anyone else in due to San Diego township ordinances…
P.P.S - Don’t guilt yourself out of investing in this experience. 
Stepping back from the battle occasionally to look at the entire battlefield is critical to growing a business and avoiding catastrophe.

Remember you are hanging out with the top marketers, experts and attendees of a 12,000 person conference…

Grab your spot now and join the 1%.
(Remember There Are Only 150 Available Spots)
ATTN: Traffic & Conversion 2018 Attendees...
Attend The One Private Mastermind 
That Guarantees A Positive ROI
...Because Let's Be Honest, Why Sift Through A Room Of 6000 Marketers When You Can Attend An Exclusive Micro-Event That ONLY Allows The Cream Of The Crop
Will this be like every other mastermind? Same people? Same format?
Far from it!  We've specifically designed the 2022 Mimosa Mastermind San Diego to be like no other Mastermind out there.  From flying in world renowned experts to resolve longstanding problems in YOUR business, to hand matching you with other entrepreneurs that'll make an immediate difference to your bottom line, this format will change how you look as masterminds forever.

When it comes to the attendees, we have gone to an even greater extent to curate a phenomenal lineup of top tier influencers. For anyone that claims “we already know all of the attendees, why should I pay to hang out with people I already know?" I say, you are one extremely well connected person and we should all definitely hang out sometime because we are bringing people in from all over the world and there WILL be new faces you don’t know yet. I promise. 

We've spent the last decade connecting with some of the best (and albeit worst) entrepreneurs in the industry and have taken pride in our ability to vet and bring together only the most elite. We only want the best and recruit only those that will bring the most value. We cannot guarantee that you won't see a familiar face or two at our events, but we can assure you that each Mimosa Mastermind attendee is an extreme expert in their own field and very likely will be your next biggest JV partner.
Can I bring a business partner or spouse? Do they have to pay full price too?
Of course you can bring a business partner or spouse! One additional seat can be added at 50% off from the first ticket price. 
What's the full San Diego 2022 schedule?
Where is the venue?
I was able to lock in the beautiful and cool Quartyard venue in San Diego.

In the heart of downtown San Diego and just minutes away from the main event center for Traffic & Conversion, this venue is the perfect combination of laid back and down to business.

Here's the address and map layout so you can see how convenient it really is to find and locate this beautiful venue.

ADDRESS: 1301 Market St, San Diego, CA 92101
PHONE: (619) 432-5303
What should I bring?
Since you're going to be mixing and mingling at one of the hottest spots in San Diego, you won't need to bring much. But, here's what we recommend to make your stay that much more comfortable:
  • ​Best note-taking device (computer preferred, wifi available)
  • ​Thumb drive (with the funnels & materials that you want to go over at the event) 
  • ​Casual attire (dress for comfort and warm weather)
  • ​Sun glasses and/or a hat - the venue is open air. 
(Remember There Are Only 150 Available Spots)
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