Ready To Join A Community Of Entrepreneurs
That Are Scaling Faster Together?

Ready To Join A Community Of Entrepreneurs That Are Scaling Faster Together?

... without the boring meeting rooms or unreachable "gurus".

Learn the difference between any other Mastermind and Mimosa Mastermind.

Mimosa is a group of brilliant and fun loving 7-9 figure internet marketing, D2C, or ecommerce entrepreneurs and leaders who want to join and commit to being an important part of a close knit and go-giving community. 

Hear What Past Attendees Say

Just to have people in so many different industries with such a diverse amount of experience, give me little nuggets of information. It's just been tremendous. Every time I come to these events and to get to meet people that are on this level, that are very humble, that are willing to offer you lessons from mistakes they've learned, and I've got plenty of mistakes that I'm happy to help other people help avoid. So it's very much this humble, open, networking event, and I really can't say enough good things about it. 

- Alex Brown
Dollar Beard Club

For guys like me that have certain specializations, getting to hear and understand different perspectives is definitely very eye opening as far as expanding different businesses in different directions. And of course, that's what masterminds are all about anyway, when they're put together correctly, and they definitely put together a very, very good strong group of people in this particular one, so if you are thinking about jumping in or attending the next one, I would recommend you do so.

- Brad Howard
Results Ink

The information in a lot of masterminds, it's more theoretical. But with this,  the differences is it's actually practical, you're actually getting strategy and tactics to grow your business. So that, to me, is one of the biggest things I'm learning,  different aspects of traffic and strategy and growth and also like compliance, which is a huge issue. We're learning all of these pieces that, that I can go home and now implement in my business. The biggest thing was the hot seats, that I got to spend a half hour with each expert and really talk about my business, talk about actual pain points in my business that I need to fix. 

- Katerina Kavouklis

The content has been phenomenal. We've traveled to a lot of different events and conferences. To learn what we can do to kind of one up our business and grow it to push it to the next level, to increase revenue to leverage our time and just everything that goes along with running a business, especially in the online world, because it's so different when our entire team is distributed. So it's been a great experience, just meeting with a lot of other business owners and entrepreneurs here, and seeing how they're running their business, how they're optimizing things, learning new ways to increase our subscribers and our retention, and to just grow it and increase revenue and profit. I guess the thing that I found within the Mimosa Mastermind community is that everyone is really giving and really open to helping and sharing and going out of their way to answer questions and help each other. You know, you go to a lot of events, and there's people kind of standoffish, or they want to sell you something first for it. But it's a little different, where it seems like everybody, they're very good natured and big hearted, and they just want to go out of their way to help as much as they can, you don't see that a lot. There's experts everywhere, you can go on YouTube and find amazing information. But I think there's a different dynamic when you're in person, hanging out with people and learning from them one on one directly, or even from stage as well, because it's such a smaller curated group.

- Seth Spears
Wellness Momma

I go to a lot of masterminds, a lot of conferences, and the size of the event, the quality of the group you have here is just pretty incredible. And then the knowledge you bring home from is very targeted. So it's executable, and that's something that gets lost in a lot of these different types of masterminds. You get so much stuff, and it's not targeted so that you don't know what to do it. Amber & Brett have really been able to drive home the actionable things you can execute on with your team afterwards. 

- Thomas McMahon

 I've spent over six figures on masterminds and Mimosa mastermind, is by far, the most incredible if I'm gonna do next year, what I've decided to do is put all my money on this mastermind, because it the advice, the people in the room, the one on ones that we got an extraordinary transformative, I can't tell you like, it's just like, it blew my mind being here. 

- Isa Herrera
Pelvic Pain Releif

We've all come from diverse backgrounds, we've all come from a different place, and we've, we've walked a different path, but everyone is successful. And so you're learning from the path that each person has walked here. And I think that's what makes this event so great. It's intimate, it's inspiring, you get to know people on a personal level, you get to share these experiences, you get to, you know, break bread with them, you are with these people for days, you're vacationing with them, you're eating with them, you're  brainstorming, you're doing business and, and it can't be any better than this.

- Ash Nayerhabibi
Global Naturals

There aren't a lot of situations where you're getting one on one time with the experts and to be able to sit down with a Perry Belcher or with Chris, and to sit down and have them say, I have done exactly what you are trying to do. And here are the five steps I took to get there. That is an extraordinary opportunity, and you couldn't pay for it. If you think about this, you're getting access to people whose time you literally can't find no matter what you're willing to spend. Because they're not working with companies the size of a lot of these people. So it's because of the relationships that Amber and Brett have curated. And it's because of the willingness to give back in an environment like this.

- Jenny Thompson
Safety Pin Technology

It's a perfect mixture of learning new stuff that's gonna help my business, also networking with powerful other partners and having a good time. So I give it 10 out of 10. You know, one of the issues with masterminds, there's so many these masterminds these days is ROI and how to look at ROI and it's some masterminds you go to the question is sort of undetermined and maybe you get your investment back over time. But one of the things that Amber makes clear and is a thing for every one that comes here is you're making your money back before you even get home. So for that reason, it makes it even better because if you come here, it's guaranteed that you're going to make it worth your while.

- Bren Davis
Impact Digital

I think if you're serious about looking at your business and working on it, you need to have moments where you can stop doing what you're doing, get out of your element, and surround yourself with people that are doing the right kind of things. And invariably, in that process, you pick up tricks, techniques, things that they're doing or want to share, that you can immediately implement in your business. So these types of events, they seem like they're time consuming, and a lot of work, but but they're absolutely essential for any business that wants to take these shortcuts and implement best practices. Why reinvent the wheel when somebody is already gone through it themselves? And you can piggyback off that and make immediate changes in your business? In any mastermind that I attend, I'm looking for tangible, real things that I can do my business immediately that produces an ROI.  The cost that you spend up front is immaterial if you can apply  things in your business and make changes. So we don't even look at the cost that much,  we look at 'can you be a part of an interesting group of people in our industry', 'can you create an environment where information sharing is happening?' Those are truly something that's happened here for sure. 100%. 

- Scott Rewick
Lexicon Digital Media Group

It's called the Business surgery here because, everyone's here with a problem. And, everyone comes out with some sort of success. So I think that's something I've seen differ from a lot of different masterminds is you actually come out with some sort of success. Just the quality of the people over here is outstanding as well. Everyone really knows what they're talking about. I've personally just connected with a few really top affiliates and just learning from them was really huge. It's definitely geared to people who want to scale into eight to nine figure range for sure. 

- Walid Abdul-Wahab
Desert Farms
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Speed Wins
Last year’s tactics are already dying and if you’re still using those tactics there’s a good chance your competition is closing the gap and only one or two moves away from catching and passing you. 

That is why Mimosa Mastermind is the secret weapon of many of the industry’s top companies, because what you learn at our events is information that only the top 1% of business owners know. 
Plug Into Community
Most masterminds use the term networking as hype or BS, jamming a bunch of people in a room and expecting you to magically run into the people you need to meet.

 We connect our members with powerhouse entrepreneurs, giving them unrestricted access to PROVEN, game-changing business ideas. Meaning that members form deep connections with the right people that lead to more revenue, more profit, and more wealth! 
Learn Custom Solutions
At Mimosa, we’ve hand picked the experts in the room. Each expert is chosen for their track record of success combined with their desire to deliver. And when you join us, you get access to 100% uncensored trade secrets!

These secrets would normally cost you years of experience or a massive premium ( $10,000 to $60,000 per day to pick these experts' brains.) Imagine what it would do for your business if they were to help you fix those 1 or 2 issues that are holding you back from reaching the next level.
Gain Massive ROI  
We dive into your business to identify where your challenges and opportunities are, and then strategically and precisely pair you with world class experts who will be giving you proven insider strategies that are currently working to help you solve your problems! Every element of your experience is tailored to you…

We want to ensure that you are surrounded with, and hanging out with the people who can most effectively propel your growth!
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